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GETXOPHOTO 2020 International Image Festival - Popular Participation "Back to the streets"
andrés yépez
Aug 6, 2020
Location: Guecho, Spain
This call revolves around the theme Back to the streets, that is, how to return to normal life after the confinement to which we have been subjected due to Covid-19.

More than a hundred images were received from all over the world: United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Italy, Cuba, New York, Iran, etc.

All the photographs received will be edited in a video that can be seen on the web during the entire month of the Festival and 42 of them (selected by the organization according to the suitability of the format and place of exhibition) will be displayed in the windows of some Algortako Dendak shops.

Andres Yepez Photography

Andrés Yépez || Documentary Photographer and Anthropologist based in Ecuador. Member of Fluxus Foto collective.
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